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Recent Jobs

    In March 2008, the tug MANITOU was contracted to tow Ryba Marine’s barge through heavy ice conditions from Cheboygan, MI to Manitowoc, WI where she was loaded with (2) 30’ diameter reels of plastic pipe.  This pipe is to be used in the offshore oil industry off the coast of Nigeria.  The MANITOU departed Manitowoc and arrived with cargo safely in tow in Montreal, Quebec, ten days later.  In the Straits of Mackinac and the St Lawrence River she encountered ice up to 24” thick.


    In February 2009, our tug MANITOU provided flood relief to the City of St. Clair by breaking an ice jam in the Pine River.  Flooding and ice damage to docks and boathouses along the river upstream of the ice jam were occurring.  The ice jam was cleared and the water level in the river immediately dropped 2'-3'. 

Photo Credit: Jim Thueme

    In late fall 2008, we performed a dredging job in the Clinton River for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  We worked as a subcontractor for Bayshore Contractors.  We provided all necessary equipment and labor, including supervision to dredge approximately 6900 cubic yards in an area just west of the I-94 overpass, upstream, to downtown Mt. Clemens.  We had to bring in a much smaller rig to work in the close quarters of the downtown area.  We trucked all the dredged spoils to the Clinton River CDF, using off-road trucks.



Recent Jobs

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